Response to Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting many similar questions, so I decided to collect them in one place.

Question 1: how long it took you build your Minigun replica?

I started my first project in 2004. I was in high school. Initial progress was not easy due to lack of knowledge and access to specialist equipment. I create a PVC model. The system used as Firing Mechanism to shooting BBs after small modifications is used today.
Work on the current model lasted for over two years.


Question 2: Why have you done model in 1:1 scale, and why not rotate the barrel?

Creation of the ONE 1:1 scale model would cost nearly $3,000 which is similar to the price offered on the market for other manufacturers of Minigun replica. For savings I made a model in 1:2 scale. However, it's made only from aluminum.
In 1:2 scale there is no place for spinning mechanism and mechanism that shoot BBs from each barrel separately. In the initial stage I wanted to create only a model without the possibility of shooting BBs. later, I decided later that the shooting ability is very useful.


Question 3: Do you expect to pay for the construction plans?

No! All that is required to create your replica is and will be available for free. In relevant sections are all the plans, dimensions and photographs.
If you'd like to thank me for my work you can Donate Me for cap of coffee :)


Question 4: What are your 3d models?

In the final stage of development I decided to use 3D software to examine various design modifications. For example, M134D model was developed entirely in a graphics program - Solidworks.
3D models can be used in many applications such as photo rendering, games, or the basis for yours version of the other 3D models.


Question 5: I don't have any advanced equipment (milling machines, lathes) - Is this model for me?

Human ingenuity knows no bounds, you can try.
Unfortunately, without this equipment, you may have a problem with the making of high quality components, but there are many companies which will undertake the implementation of the project. The best solution is to use the services of a friend having adequate equipment.



If you have more question, just contact with me.